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Million Miles From Reality

The Truth Tale – Million Miles From Reality This song was written after daydreaming working at a crappy job in the past. Same thing day after day. The only escape was through the mind. More of our songs on Youtube below Visit us on iTunes Visit us on Spotify Visit us on Google Play Check […]

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Angel Gets Wings

This song was inspired and dedicated to Lisa. With fond memories, this song is also dedicated to anyone that has experienced a loss of a friend or a family member. Lyrics Cloudy days, when they leave us so soon Heart breaks, when their light is dimmed But Angels get wings Their memory clings Birds will sing […]

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New Music Release: You're My Angel Girl (Instrumental)

You’re My Angel Girl (Instrumental) By The Truth Tale Also Available On This Album You’re My Angel Girl (Instrumental) – Single – The Truth Tale Visit us on iTunes Visit us on Spotify Visit us on Google Play Check Out Our Other Music On Amazon Tags: The Truth Tale, New Music Release, You’re My Angel […]

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Man Who Had A Message

We are intrigued by the writings from Nostradamus and how people are still talking about him today. So we decided to do a song to honor him for leaving such a mark on the world. No matter what you think about his prophecies you have to admit his story is epic. This Song Is Available On […]

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