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Angel Gets Wings

This song was inspired and dedicated to Lisa. With fond memories, this song is also dedicated to anyone that has experienced a loss of a friend or a family member. Lyrics Cloudy days, when they leave us so soon Heart breaks, when their light is dimmed But Angels get wings Their memory clings Birds will sing […]

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New Music Release: You're My Angel Girl (Instrumental)

You’re My Angel Girl (Instrumental) By The Truth Tale Also Available On This Album You’re My Angel Girl (Instrumental) – Single – The Truth Tale Visit us on iTunes Visit us on Spotify Visit us on Google Play Check Out Our Other Music On Amazon Tags: The Truth Tale, New Music Release, You’re My Angel […]

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Man Who Had A Message

We are intrigued by the writings from Nostradamus and how people are still talking about him today. So we decided to do a song to honor him for leaving such a mark on the world. No matter what you think about his prophecies you have to admit his story is epic. This Song Is Available On […]

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